Thomas provided a professional and accurate service, right from the beginning. This included the acquisition of the domain name we required, through to the entire design ,development and launch of the website. His manner and professionalism was first and Web Club comes highly recommended.

George Kechayas, Owner

I contacted Thomas from Web Club and was immediately impressed by his willingness to both assist and create a positive direction. This included an initial strategic meeting coupled with guidance in selecting the right domain name which was pivotal, in branding this online concept. Furthermore, we were managed through the entire process which involved assembling the right resources, design and data allocation, adhering to our niche industry concepts and meeting our strict deadline, culminating in an impressive and high quality website. The entire project was seamless and we now understand how vital it is to engage the right people, at the right time. Professionals have a clear edge in the online space as this was evident, with Web Club.

Home Tutoring Service, Owner

Our original attempt to create an online presence for our business was not at the level we expected and certainly, not what our brand demanded. We were introduced to the Web Club and were quickly impressed with their initial presentation and interpretation of our business model and how it could be better translated online. The project was seamless, efficient and cost effective to which we were total impressed with the final result. Furthermore, we are now seeing more search results with online ordering for our catering business which was minimal before. We can’t speak any more highly of this service and highly recommend.

George Paras, Owner/Manager

This business was referred by a network partner and in turn, they immediately assessed our needs. This followed with a range of support services including domain name, content application and key word selection. This then got us online quickly and in a clear way that allowed me to promote our cleaning services more competitively and efficiently.
The initial support when choosing the design template was instant and we were online within 2 weeks. This was extremely important for our business, vying at a critical stage whereby we were vying for new work and need to showcase our business. I highly recommend Web Club to anybody that wants a website.

Bill Mannis, Owner