Big Data Here to Stay

Everywhere you turn, there is a piece of information about something. That is, if you possess a computer, a tablet or a smart phone, and a high percentage of of the population do. It is therefore inevitable that we are all as a sociery so deeply immersed in big bata that we have to live with it, and at least learn how to make the best out it. In what ways is big data part and parcel of our life in the modern era and is here to stay?

Social media

Any millennial and past era will wonder what the world was like without social media. I mean an average person can’t last an hour without popping in one (or four ) of the social media platforms. The major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Whatsapp, linkedin, Pinterest etc. have revolutionized the way people communicate, share and socialise. In addition, people no longer have to wait for news time in TV stations to know what’s happening. Through social media, the updates are real life and live as it happens and data is maintained acordingly. The downside is that with this revolution, has also create areas of concern with unreliable data and news, creating issues and bottlenecks. The challenge to all of us is to decipher the real from the fake. To which a number of social media platforms are rising by the day and so is big data available, for a variety of purposes..


The emergence of e-commerce has totally challenged the traditional way of carrying out business. It has become easier to gather information that informs business trends. Checking out the competition has never been this easy. Businesses that wouldn’t otherwise have seen the light of day are up and running. Reliance on the big data has catapulted online businesses and play a major role in the business sector. Of course the big data is of no use if there are no data analysts to make sense of it all through data analysis tools. Therefore, it is has created employment opportunities for many.

Further, online shopping is part of our daily life. It is now easier to get product reviews at the click of a button. Getting to truly understand a product before purchase is another positive thing of the internet. Online shopping platforms such as Amazon uses the big data from the searches we make or previous purchases to make future recommendations and predict customer needs. Loyalty cards given by stores and supermarkets also collect big data on what you buy and at what store. The data they collect informs them on what is popular and enable them to plan their stock.

Advertisement/ online marketing

You probably have noticed the ads that pop on your browser are similar items to your previous purchases or online searches. That right there is utilization of the big data. Cookies store this kind of information.

On the retail aspect, online marketing has become one of the best ways to reach out to potential clients. Through creation of social media pages, advertising goods and services is simple.

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