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Both Directors of Baseworks Vic Pty Ltd are licensed domestic builders with each possessing their own DBU Numbers. They also have divided qualifications between them in certain aspects of Baseworks services with one of them also a registered plumber and the other has years of experience as a concreter so our clients can be assured of our wealth of knowledge in what we do. Both continue to undertake a vast amount of building order jobs as well as their own personal developments with a combined volume of dwellings constructed in the hundreds. Our staff possess a wealth of experience in all areas of building and all our sites are managed by dedicated supervisors. Our large labour force allow us to meet higher volume requirements with their proven 10 working day average turn around. Baseworks offers training for supervisors and estimators to pass on relevant trade specific information and contribute to open communication chains. All our operators meet current OH & S work cover requirements. Baseworks estimators are always available for technical advice or quotes. Baseworks provides technical advise on construction methods and liaise with engineers on certain projects. At Baseworks we endeavour to maintain a clear open line of communication between ourselves and our clients to maximise productivity and stream line production with minimum fuss.

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