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We are a Melbourne based business that supports and distributes a range of products, for the Gelati industry in Australia. Run by industry experts and supported by the best global gelati ingredients brand in the world, that is sourced for Bigatton in Italy. The Bigatton company is a leader in the world of ice cream with high quality ingredients going back 65 years in history. This includes powdered products, ice cream bases, a range of flavours including fruit, sauces, emulcifiers, toppings and a large variety of decorations. We also offer a machine range of mixers and pastuerisers complimenting our industry experience and gelati ingredients. The nature of this niche food based industry requires products to be of the highest quality coupled with services and support, to be available at all times. Call John or Rob today for a no obligation quote, for all your gelati or ice cream machine requirements.

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