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Print Options supplies an extensive range of print, online and data related products and services supporting a range of industries which includes small & large businesses, start ups, payroll providers and more. Since our inception in 2004 our project based operation has also evolved into a niche marquee service model, successfully engaging in many diverse and complex print related projects, whilst embracing new technologies and online business platforms. Pressure seal pay slips and payments summaries have been one of our core business products since we began our operation, whilst our real time experience provisioning this exclusive and innovative secure document application, dates back further to the mid 90’s. This pay slip offering has supported businesses of the calibre of Priceline Pharmacies, Talent2, BP(Bulwer Island), Foodworks, Symbion Phamarcies, Byrnecut Mining and more, with proof of our capability to meet strict quality control and logistics benchmarks. Furthermore, our high level payment summaries print, distribution and management expertise has further developed our successful payroll business services, over the same period. This division of the business has created numerous achievements, whilst servicing a blue chip client base, inclusive of our long standing third party arrangements.

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