It is amazing how this new generation of domain names has created a range of opportunities for businesses, in particular online branding. Whilst it may be apparent to most, the global domain name landscape (GLTD’s), has now evolved to about 1000 different extensions.

The release of all these new extensions has also confused and saturated the market with more domain names.These include, .web, .online. .network, .store, .app, .ninja, .racing, .download, .services, .live, .rocks and much much more.

Whilst it remains to be seen whether these domain extensions actually survive, indications are that most will indeed struggle. We at Web Club recently registered the following domains, in lieu of creating sales. marketing and networking opportunities.

These fit perfectly with our business model and shows how creative you can be, in the current technology paradigm. We can help your business find the right domain name.

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