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Commerce Solutions

Commerce Solutions

Web Club in conjunction with our affiliate business www.bargainbuy.com.auis offering a very unique service, whereby we will accept or exchange a certain range of tangible products, for our website services, as full payment. This is indeed a unique method in exchanging services as we understand the dynamic in competing and indeed succeeding in this competitive retail and wholesale landscape.

We aim to provide a solution that will allow you to commit to a successful online strategy and use existing assets to fund, such a process. If you have an existing or outdated website this service, we will allow you to update to new standards and solutions.

We are extremely well resourced from both a local and international perspective and have been in the web business for over 15 years. We will also confidently provide a high level, professional and uncompromised level of services and options.

We will also accept different forms of products relative to the to their condition as with the criteria as follows!

  1. End of season items
  2. Damaged items
  3. Overstocked Items
  4. Clearance items
  5. Standard items
  6. Returned items
  7. Negotiated items
  • Our main aim is to also promote our new platform www.bargainbuy.com.au whereby we will re-sell items as a reduced priced
  • The services we will offer are as follow
  • Website based on our range of packages on www.webclub.com.au
  • Terms & Conditions apply
  • SEO organic services based on a 10 or 15 keyword strategy that will also include additional reporting and consultancy options
  • Terms & Conditions apply
  • The conditions of this service are as follows
  • You must commit to a minimum 6 months strategy for SEO services
  • You must provide the item up front prior to the commencing any service.
  • You will receive regular reports and updates on Google analytics and rankings
  • You will be consulted on the best strategy and the most appropriate keywords or phrases
  • You must commit to Web Club website packages as listed
  • You must provide a product in exchange to the value of at least 80% of the service price
  • We may negotiate separate terms on this element on a product to product basis
  • You must hold the product in store until we either sell or decide to pick up the product
  • You must supply us with a tax invoice pertaining to the transfer of ownership
  • You must have the item ready for despatch will arrange shipping and tracking
  • You will be listed on our Web Club Business Directory for further exposure and selling
  • You will not be provided with any refunds once you agree to these conditions.