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Digital Brochures

Digital Brochures

The unique blend of design, print, audio and motion provides a unique and self-powered marketing tool, capable of delivering a range of powerful video messages.

By combining high quality design, print and video into a formidable and highly presentable application, allows the capacity to deliver information with purpose, direction and style. The creation of this innovative product has the scope to generate an endless range of business concepts, whilst also inspiring new levels of communication and opportunities. These can range from direct sales and marketing to in house training, product development, presentations, tenders, interactive business concepts and tutorials, advertising, offers, greetings and anything that requires video output.

The consolidation of print, sound and video further enhances the potential to grow your business to a level that will captivate and entice, new audiences and clients alike. With this product now available to Web Club, businesses and individuals can utilize and benefit from a distinct competitive advantage that digital brochures offer.  By adding significant value to any print or video presentation, digital brochures form a very unique multimedia production, with immense marketing potential.

Web Club digital brochures offer a selection of video screen sizes, storage capacities, audio, batteries, selection buttons, configurations, finishing and much more. The options are variable and products can indeed be customized to suit your business model, individual project, or marketing concept. These require additional planning and concise specifications to further enhance the print and video experience.

Product Specifications

Sizes – 7 Inch & 10 Inch 1024*600 Resolotion

Print – Spot UV Colour and CYMK Full Colour

Finish – Colour Front Cover & Inside

Extra Finish – Aluminium Foil Options

Texture – Matt & Gloss Laminate

Paper – A4 & A5 Sizes

Density – 400 GSM

Material – Case Bound

Fold Type – Landscape and Portrait

Battery – Built in Lithium and Re-Chargeable

Audio – Mono Speakers or Stereo Headphones

Screen – Standard & Touchscreen

Functions – Channels, Volume Control, Pause, Fast Forward and Rewind

Video – All File Formats from 2GB to 4GB of Data

Features – Auto Play, Volume Control, Pause Format, Rewind, Fast Forward

File Type – MP£ – MP4 – JPEG – PDF – Microsoft Office Suite

Channels – Up to Ten(Further Options Available)

Accessory – USB Cable

Memory – 256MB (15 to 20 Mins Play Time)

Charging – USB Lead Provided

Weight – 500 Grams

Warranty – 6 Months (Conditions Apply)

Cost – POA

How to Order

The entire project and scope to create and design a digital brochure can be both time consuming and complex however, we mitigate the time and risks and indeed costs by managing each process meticulously. The following is a summary of our entire process.

  • Our team will firstly sit down with you and start by creating a compelling business strategy to support the initiation of the product into your business or strategy and in turn, build the base to ensure customization, compliance and high quality output.
  • Quotation is then provided to the client with the adoption of all project requirements including design, supply and video, to formulate the right costings.
  • Team members are identified on both sides to create a flexible communication and project development platform.
  • We then detail the product specifications that will require client approval including product design and video compilation to form the basis for data delivery.
  • The design process is then enacted with a team oriented approach to accumulate relevant resources, business information or project details.
  • Continued communication with cohesive project and planning is then required to assess and format all the data inclusive of video whilst liaising consistently with clients on changes and updates. This may require constant sampling and re-engineering of existing development files to ensure conformity to client and individual business requests.
  • Video and audio options discussed with probable solutions.
  • Updated product samples provided for final proofing and sign off purposes.
  • Delivery dates and final project data confirmed.
  • Following up with all our clients is always advised to ensure complete satisfaction and additional requirements.

Safety & Handling Information

  • Handle product with care and proper maintenance
  • Do not expose the unit to any water or moisture. Keep in a dry environment at all times
  • Do not expose the unit to extreme or high internal or external temperatures
  • Do not place pressure or any objects on the unit.
  • Do not disassemble the unit
  • Do not drop at anytime as guarantee will be void
  • Keep unit out of reach of children at all times under the age of 16 years old
  • Do not pierce or puncture the print or unit