Online Business Platforms

Business Model Description – There is an emerging market and undeniable demand in Australia for low to mid-tier type ecommerce, information, service or data driven websites with application, priced at an affordable level and offered at the start up phase. This type of online concept is an emerging facet of the modern economy and in the right management and business environment, can be further exploited, professionally managed and indeed grown. The capacity to embrace a wider range of new website applications and resources within a turnkey type CRM retention and solution model, embedded with sophisticated tools and operations, is also a primary advantage.

This concept is labeled as an Online Business Platform reflecting an online business in a box that conjures up the potential to become a mainstream income stream, whilst offering a range of business models to suit a cross section of individuals and businesses with compelling ambitions to create or maintain, a successful online platform.

Whilst this concept does not sell the idea or notion of an established online business, it does provide an online business platform or base into selected industries that we would provide and enable any potential buyers, the tool, resources and guidance to further enhance and grow.

Our business case will centre upon the notion that any investment online will require additional time, effort, passion and additional resources to ensure continuity and viability. The educational aspect of this concept is not lost either as the target market we anticipate to sell these platforms to would be classed as either newbies or early entrants, into the burgeoning online world.

Furthermore, an Online Business Platform will come with either an existing domain name provided by the Web Club or a new domain, either sourced through our expanded global domain name expertize and network, or alternatively provided by the purchaser. The process of domain name allocation is done in consultation with our potential buyers and encompasses wide ranging research relative to product identification, market compatibility, brandability, interpretation and SEO requirements. The domain name in our view plays a pivotal role in any successful online venture to which the application of fashionable and SEO friendly domains, are critical key to their success. Some of the domain names currently in our portfolio are listed as follows. - Vendor Ecommerce System   - Vendor Ecommerce Auction System - Property Management System

www.gamesetmatch - Online Sports Deals - Restaurant Deals System – Niche Real Estate Portal – Law or Legal Concept with Enormous Potential – Credit Market Penetration – Variable Online Business Model – Ecommerce or Payment Gateway Solution

We adopt a comprehensive approach when analysing and developing platforms to accurately ensure either it fits perfectly in a niche online market, or possess the potential to extract and generate new sales within existing and proven online markets. Our research team which reflects a global team of Freelancers specialize in identifying new online trends, markets, adoptions and disruptions whilst forming synergetic business models in tandem to create, corresponding online business platforms. It embraces the idea of a business in a box whilst adhering to consistent trends and applications to further advance and leverage, any give concept.

This proposal will suit a range of people first and foremost enterprising individuals with entrepreneurial skills as we provide the base for a consistent revenue stream without hardly any overheads. It could also suit franchise type investors with growth prospects nationally or drop shipping business, whilst income generated will be based on market saturation, product development and Google indexing. The fact that we are offering an expansive set of tools as well as 12 months support, clearly indicates our intent and assistance to ensure a successful transition period. One thing is for certain is that the market potential with this level of IP is enormous and can be developed into a massive online business portal. The user sign up potential and customer base creation could be enormous as savvy online shoppers, users and data which could be attracted to the niche domain names.

We will also work closely with established online businesses requiring either a new website developed, or assistance in re-branding re-aligning and or additional marketing drive. We will ensure a strict, professional and confidential relationship is established with all clients and in turn, we will further validate and expand our services through additional networking and support strategies.

The following are the main components included in this package -

  • Domain Name – High Quality
  • Website Business Model – Defined and Structured
  • Business Plan – Detailing and Documenting
  • Website Plan & Functionality – Inclusive of Managed Resource
  • Website Support – Technical Operational & Design – 12 Months
  • Website SEO – 10 Keywords – 12 Months
  • User friendly dashboard with business intelligence tools and charting.
  • Mobile based IOS and Android app to enhance the search content and mobility.
  • Professionally designed logo with 2000 business cards and 2000 flyers, to add promotional value.
  • Hosting for 12 months on secure VPS server with a professional hosting package.(Conditions Apply)
  • Secure top rated SSL certification to ensure validation and online security for 12 months.
  • Search engine optimization for 12 months for up to 10 key words or phrases and analytics for Google ranking. (Conditions Apply)
  • Social media support and consulting for 12 months. (Conditions Apply)
  • Website plan and overview of website functionality and modulation.
  • Additional training for 12 months to ensure full interpretation and website conversion.
  • Access to an ongoing resource freelancer base and low cost development tools.
  • Website Marketing SEM & Online Advertising – (Optional)
  • Payment Options and Finance Available – Optional (Approved Applicants Only)

This is a genuine product offer and service with outstanding potential, but only with individuals who have the right mind set and capacity to understand the business dynamics and online potential. Like some businesses or franchises, the initial purchase is just the asset acquiring stage without any goodwill as additional expenses will be required, to propel this business model forward. Furthermore, this may well be consumed as either a part time or full time commitment and again is commensurate to the potential buyer’s needs and objectives.

As a final footnote, the economy is becoming very fragmented as regular employment and old business mentalities are a thing of the past, whilst planning must evolve to secure valuable income and indeed future earnings in the burgeoning online marketplace.

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