The Edge

The fact remains that like most things in life, websites also require maintenance and updates. This involves the invariable demands necessary to maintain both consistency and reliability, which can be extensive and critical. These demands include software updates, security control, design, content, server reliance, social media, search engine optimization, online marketing, business compliance, research and indeed more.

The Edge

Web Club now offers a cheap monthly solution with no upfront cost or regular commitment by provisioning a suitable package that will embrace and enhance, all of these critical online demands. Our understanding of the online market based on years of experience leads us to the notion that the Web, is an infinite and endless maze of data and functionality.

Control is the key and creating value is the by product, so join the Web Club and see below our promise to grant you with The Edge.

  • We can design you – Responsive and designed wordpress themes
  • We can promote you - On page SEO and Web Club Directory
  • We can manage you - Requests catered for additional services
  • We can advise you – News, consulting and technology updates
  • We can update you - Automated wordpress updates
  • We can support you - Web Club ticketing and support services
  • We can archive you - Regular monthly back ups
  • We can equip you - Send requests and we will do our best to find an answer
  • We can train you - Online wordpress tutorials to give you an edge
  • We can secure you – Secure server and files available
  • We can monitor you - Basic website monitoring and support
  • We can inform you - Updates on technology via our Social Network stream
  • We can grow you - All we can to ensure your business can thrive online

All this is offered for as little as $30.00 per month with no fixed contract and the flexibility to grow your website presence, over time.