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Things You Need to Know About Building a Personal Website

To many people, having their own personal website sounds like a lot of hassle that may not even be worth it, not to mention the common misconception that in order to have your own website, you have to be a computer programmer or software engineer. The truth, however, is that having your own website can do worlds of good for your business, no matter what goods or services you’re selling. Of course this is not to say that there will be no work to do—as with anything worthwhile, building a website will require you to invest a bit of time and money, as cheap websites can end up being a sloppy, disorganized misfire and a waste of your hard-earned money. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that in today’s world, having your own website is a must if you want anyone besides your friends and family to ever even hear about your business.  So without further ado, here are a few things you need to know about building your own personal website.

  1. Virtually nothing on your website is permanent, so you can make changes as you go along as needed.

Unlike, say, a book, that once produced cannot be modified, a website is ever-changing, fluid and dynamic. Many people hear the word “website” and think of ebay or yahoo, but most websites are nowhere near that enormous. In fact, in many cases a personal website is just a really nice resumé. Have you recently completed a new project, finished your studies, or started work with a prestigious client? Use your personal website to tell everyone about this today.

  1. Having your own website makes you much more visible on the web.

The best-case scenario is that you manage to snag a web address that is made up of your first and last name, so someone looking for you doesn’t end up on your Facebook profile—chances are you don’t want a potential client or employer seeing what might be on those platforms. Having your own website shows interested parties that you take yourself, your career and your business seriously, no matter how small it may still be. It also allows you to have control over what people find out about you, and helps build your image and personal brand, too.

  1. Building a website helps you gain new skills and knowledge of things you previously had no idea about.

Again, this is not to say that creating a personal website requires you to learn 3 different programming languages and sport glasses à la Dennis Nedry while you stay up all night staring at a screen. But the process will make you much more aware of many things you may not have known anything about just a few hours before. Silly as this may sound, many people discover the existence of SEO because they wanted to create an “optimized” website and then needed to find out just what “optimized” means.

As you can see, deciding on having a personal websites offers real benefits that can help forward your career. A personal website is nit just a gadget to have for show, but a tool that can be used to make you stand out and make a great first impression on whomever visits it.

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