Domain Name Assistance

The most important facet of any online presence is the selection of a domain name that fits your strategy and has good online presence and synergy with your goals or brand. Regardless of your online strategy getting domain selection right from the start, can be the key to immediate success.

Domain names can be tricky to find and always difficult to procure, if you are looking for a specific name. The global market has now been transformed, in that 100’s of new domain name extensions outside of .com, .net and .org have been released, making the task more confusing and indeed complicated.

Domain names like .CLUB, .GURU, .MELBOURNE and much more have now become a prominent part of the internet and indeed the domain name landscape. We can assist you in finding the right name or buying an existing domain name in the open market, which can also create further online opportunities. Please note this is purely an assistance and guidance service and by no means will we take any responsibility for the selection and or acquisition, of a domain name. We will present the facts based on our experience and via our domain name network and give our members, an idea of direction and selection criteria.