Website Back Ups – Online Storage

As part of our automated system approach, your website files will be saved and archived at the start of every month, with the current files always overriding the previously saved files. Your files will be stored securely on our cloud based storage database, with only our staff having access. We only keep the latest files and take no responsibility for storing data older than a month, due to storage restrictions.

If you require copy of your most recent back up an email request to will be required and we will need to confirm identity, prior to sending any website files. This will need to be in the form of an email from the owner’s Web Club registered email, to prove authenticity. Please note that we only keep the most current files in storage and if you require additional support in this requirement or storage of more data, then additional costs will be associated, on request.

If you require more services added to your Web Club Package, then additional charges will be applied as per individual requests.

  • Additional design and template
  • Additional images and re-sizing
  • Additional video content
  • Additional website pages
  • Additional website updates
  • Additional website content
  • Additional website plugins/widgets
  • Additional website back ups
  • Additional website hosting capacity
  • Additional security requirements including SSL
  • Additional website emails
  • Additional SEO keyword research
  • Additional onsite SEO keyword application and analysis
  • Additional social media applications
  • Additional custom website development
  • Additional digital consultancy and web strategies
  • Additional services on request