Website Plugins – 4 Complimentary

WordPress plugins form an integral and important role in providing functionality and driving online performance and reliability. These applications are generally developed by third parties and offered via the open source WordPress community, which then require further engineering and application to your website, including some testing and customization. The complimentary plugins that we offer provide as part of our Web Club Packages have the following functionality, deemed to be necessary in the website’s performance and security.

  • SEO
  • Social Sharing(Optional)
  • Security
  • Cache
  • Website Back Up
  • Google Analytics(Optional)

All members then have options to apply additional functions and plugins as part on the Web Club Packages we offer, by reviewing the 1000’s of plugins available at

We take no responsibility in the performance and accuracy of these plug ins whilst we will definitely ensure that pre-testing and updates are in place, at all times. Please also note that free versions of these plugins are being used so if you request further functionality then we may require further payment to update to pro versions, for any other plugin that is requested, outside of our current pro version range. Please email us at any time to check whether a function of plugin will be an additional cost.

If you require more services added to your Web Club Package, then additional charges will be applied as per individual requests.

  • Additional design and template
  • Additional images and re-sizing
  • Additional video content
  • Additional website pages
  • Additional website updates
  • Additional website content
  • Additional website plugins/widgets
  • Additional website back ups
  • Additional website hosting capacity
  • Additional security requirements including SSL
  • Additional website emails
  • Additional SEO keyword research
  • Additional onsite SEO keyword application and analysis
  • Additional social media applications
  • Additional custom website development
  • Additional digital consultancy and web strategies
  • Additional services on request