Website Development & Set Up (Conditions Apply)

The website development process can be complex and overwhelming, if not approach in a direct and informative manner. It’s important that we quickly establish a communication platform and information requirements coupled with a website agenda, in order to meet this strict timeline. We have a 3 stage process as follows, which reflects the member properly completing the Project Pack.

Web Design – Selection of pre-designed WordPress templates with design updates and application of images, layouts, design fluency, logo and other applicable features.

Web Development – Selection of web pages, content, data, functions, plugins, widgets, feeds, SEO application, email settings, and more.

Web Deployment – Final stage of testing, assessing, general changes, domain name allocation and eventual sign off.

Please note that this does not restrict you from applying further updates once your website is deployed, as long as they are not excessive and within the bounds of your Web Club Package. We are flexible and are willing to assist our members at all times, within probable and practical requests. The tasks involved with maintain and further developing a website can also be managed via your secure login with support and tickets raised, as required.

Additionally, any delays in responding to our requests for information and website data during any of these phases above, will absolve us from meeting our strict deployment goals. Therefore, we will require information to be submitted to us within (24-48) hours via any email request sent from our development team. You always have the options of a (30) day money guarantee should you not be satisfied with our development timings however, we will pursue all avenues to keep your business and your membership intact.

If you require more services added to your Web Club Package, then additional charges will be applied as per individual requests.

  • Additional design and template
  • Additional images and re-sizing
  • Additional video content
  • Additional website pages
  • Additional website updates
  • Additional website content
  • Additional website plugins/widgets
  • Additional website back ups
  • Additional website hosting capacity
  • Additional security requirements including SSL
  • Additional website emails
  • Additional SEO keyword research
  • Additional onsite SEO keyword application and analysis
  • Additional social media applications
  • Additional custom website development
  • Additional digital consultancy and web strategies
  • Additional services on request