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Custom Software

Database Design

Web Club offers a comprehensive set of web development and software services for those who need more than our range of packages. Sometimes you need a database design that will be specifically tailored to the demands of your business, or java development to provide a unique functionality. When you find yourself needing to reach beyond the everyday offerings of web design, we’re here to meet the challenge. Web Club has been working to develop a powerful network of sophisticated partners all around the globe to bring you the level of talent necessary to create a cutting edge online experience for you and your business.

Database Design

Information storage and retrieval is a vital part of any business, and having a database tailored to the needs of your company is vital. With our network of experts WebClub can produce a high quality, stable, and effective database that will support your requirements at any level of the game. We know that the future of the internet is based in flexible and dynamic infrastructures, and that’s why we offer MongoDB as an alternative to the more traditional SQL based databases. Call today to get a consult with a database development professional, and be on the way to effective data management.

Software Development

The internet business model is changing, and new methods of software development and deployment are leading the charge. Where it used to common for any family or business to operate off of a single computer, now nearly every home and business has multiple computers, and that doesn’t even take into account the numerous mobile devices a single individual might carry. With such a diverse and changing environment, it’s a challenge to remain relevant and provide the interface options for every customer. That’s where our software development team comes in.

Selling Your Software as a Service (SaaS)

Recent years have seen the rise of SaaS, or Software as a Service enterprises. Rather than purchasing an individual license to a piece of software, clients are paying a monthly fee to have access to the most recent updates and most advanced features. With our global network of experts, we can provide you with the right team member to help you develop your next big idea as a SaaS. And once it’s successfully deployed, we’ll be there to provide continuing support.

RIA Development (Rich Internet Application)

Rich Internet Applications are seeing a rising trend, and are commonly what are offered by SaaS designs. Even the major companies are making the move, with such big names as Microsoft and Adobe offering their most popular applications in an RIA format. We can provide experts in the development and deployment of these styles of projects, ensuring that your end result is optimized for multiple types of browsers, providing a solid sandbox environment for any platform. Just give us a call today, and we’ll put you in contact with the right team member to see your project to completion.

Much Much More

When it comes to our specialized services offerings, the above are just the tip of the iceberg, our network is comprised of leading edge experts in their field, and are partnered with WebClub to provide a comprehensive one-stop shop experience for you and your business. In addition to those already mentioned, we also provide:

  • Big Data Consultancy
  • Mac OS X Development
  • SugarCRM development
  • IT Consulting
  • Offshore Development
  • Knowledge Management
  • Mobile Software Development
  • Call for a complete listing!