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Website Development Consultant

Website consulting goes beyond the simple designing of a website and making it look professional and appropriate for business use. It involves a range of areas and consultation with business owners coupled with analysis of existing websites in order to troubleshoot, giving strategic web design advice and giving advice on the right platform or framework. We at Web Club are professional website consultants with expertise in the process of analyzing, researching, planning, designing, developing, testing and indeed launching a website. Besides, every Web Design Consultant and Website Development Consultant of our company also offers specialized guidance on the right SEO strategies for every business. We work on the following areas to ensure proper management and guidance for all existing or new projects.

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SEO consultant Melbourne

Therefore, website consulting requires both an effective online strategy and consistent knowledge of individual projects in order to reach more clients and the best possibleresults.

Other main areas that are necessary to create an effective online strategy include the following:

SEO consultant Melbourne

Competition Analysis

In order to create an effective and professional online strategy, it is important for any website consultant to perform some research and study what their competitors are doing. This allows you to not only understand your competition but to effect and maintain high standards, that have been proven to be successful. This is not about extracting information or strategies from other websites but conforming to the industry, demands and the standards of clients alike. The web is a free and open source and requires proper management and research to effect the best possible outcomes.

Market study

An online strategy must be geared towards meeting the needs of certain consumers. For effectiveness, conduct a market study so that your strategy is centered on a certain demographic and not just all internet consumers. When you decide on your target demographic and market, you will be then able to use your online strategy and focus your budget on that demographic. Online research and a compliant strategy is the key to online success with a range of variables and concepts in play. In particular search strategies are clearly reliant on research and tactics, that needs to be geared towards the online business goals and requirements.

Online Strategies

It’s extremely important the entire website design and development phase in three critical areas and that being Process, Structure and Alignment. The importance of these key elements forms the basis to execute website projects using proper management, guidance and indeed output. There are many variables and variations during any concept phase to which process, structure and alignment identifies key data and points which in essence allows for streamlining the project and segmenting the stages, for the best possible outcomes.

Keyword Research

It’s also imperative that with any new website comes a comprehensive Google evaluation, with relevant keywords and tools assigned. Online success comes in various forms however rankings are the standard when it comes to traffic and traction. The research side of things is not only relative to traffic but also competition, keyword alignment and relevancy to the business, concept or region. Local marketing has become quite popular as many businesses seek to dominate the immediate areas, as a way to leverage location and local service advantages.

Branding Opportunities

It is important that you build your online brand in a manner that reflects both your business and target markets. The way your business brand in translated online is extremely important to your overall strategy because for a brand to perform online recognition and status is vital. Social Media is another key component to brand awareness and recognition online. This can be in the form or a range of social media marketing and exposure and in turn can catapult your business further. Your brand makes you recognizable among your competitors and even potential clients. Brand development as an direct method of creating an effective online strategy is both a positive and rewarding proposition for any business or concept online.

Online Metrics

While creating any effective online strategy, you will require to set up ways of tracking and measuring what works and what doesn’t in your strategy. With this approach, you will identify many aspects of your strategy that are efficient and those that are inefficient and can be tweaked, in order to contribute to overall effectiveness. Metrics and measuring all the parameters on any online strategy are extremely important and directs traffic and knowledge with purpose, effort and indeed relevancy.

Social Media
Social Media

The new age of online marketing and communication has now evolved to the point of Social Media becoming the benchmark of communication and marketing. The various platforms have unique capabilities and audiences allowing to targeted and viral marketing campaigns. We also have the expertise to manage your social media strategy in tandem with search and other online marketing initiatives. Careful approach in meeting and alignment with yours products, service or concept are the key drivers to this process.

Ecommerce Solutions

The world of online shopping has been not only completely transformed but also created massive global shopping opportunities, irrespective of your location. Transformation of marketplaces of the high calibre of Amazon and Ebay have also allowed for the creation of immediate online stores and traffic. We can guide you with our skilled staff on creating stores of these platforms coupled with a range of additional marketing mechanisms to assist with sales. Furthermore, a sophisticated website in tandem will compliment these online stores with additional business potential and scope, on the global scene.

Security Awareness

The nature of any online solution or application today has it that security has now become the most important and critical aspect and a vital standard. Cyber security as it is referred to covers a range of tools, software, hardware, strategies and more whereby conformation and integration, has now become a priority, with most businesses. Cyber security is also a specialised practice that requires confidentiality, integrity, validation and of course security of information and online software. Hackers and sophisticated criminal groups have now gained the capacity to infiltrate a range of online applications and capable of executing advanced and persistent threats. Fragile systems are no longer an option and a strict compliance to a high quality security strategy and service, is paramount in today’s hostile online world.