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Are website packages inclusive of all components, in that the entire website design and development are included, enabling a professional website presence?

Yes, our entire Web Club package range will showcase either your business, concept, project or personal goals with a professional looking and performing website. We will also apply additional functionality which we assess through a range of tools, thus offering an extensive range of WordPress designs, plugins and widgets available, within the WordPress resource base.

Do you use a range of platforms to develop the sites or just one system and or software package?

We only use the WordPress platform coupled with the corresponding templates, applications and modules. This is currently the most universally accepted and indeed most powerful platform globally, with rich resource base and available support. The entire WordPress community has built and maintained a sophisticated network of tools and services, which now provides the scope to either update websites easily and or create functionality, in a flash. Our packages has been designed to propel your chances of online success whilst ensuring your files and website, remain entirely in your possession and under management.

Will clients be required to play a significant role in the development of the website, to ensure the end product is totally compliant and customized to our needs?

Yes and no. If we are rebuilding your existing website and have all the required data and content available for our development team, then your input will be minimal, other than updates and new functions. But, if this is a completely new application and website, our experience has shown that involvement and guidance from the client is essential. This will obviously vary from project to project however our strategic and simple approach, will ensure total communication, compliance and delivery.

In terms of maintaining the websites and adding value to this proposal, how is this maintained and how can we ensure our investment is worthwhile?

The web is a complex series of systems combined with an exhaustive maze of tools, algorithms, software and data together with, sophisticated and complex server applications. Our task is to maintain a system based approach, ensuring the process of creating a quick and qualified website is less stringent and time consuming. The Web Club creates a viable base of resources, news, support and indeed online products.

The internet today is littered with viruses and hacking. How does your security practice protect my data and files?

Based on the complexity and enormous power and reach of the web today, no security guarantees can ever be made. We do however take web security serious and have in place a process to firstly protect your files via a security certificate or by means of using our skill in WordPress. This strategy has proven to be effective and will provides a strong base for security and protection. We also back up your entire website files on a monthly basis to ensure a complete copy is on file. Furthermore, there are many other options that we can apply to further secure you website. We are available to discuss the many security options with you as part of any the packages we offer. The bottom line is we are here to assist and protect.

Tell me more about the idea of the Web Club and the benefits that can be accrued, by being a member?

The premise of this Web Club and service offering, is all about supplying, solving, sharing, securing and solidifying, your website presence and online strategy. Information technology and the evolution of big data has now transformed and changed the rules of business engagement forever. Keeping up to date with technological change and business maintenance, has become a task in itself. We aim to treat all our cleints individually and as a collective group, thus allowing the ability to seek and receive information about any topic web or data related, on demand. This adds value to your website and business model and in turn can become effective in maintaining the right balance between running your website and indeed your business or online project.

Is this purely an online service or is there the possibility of any face to face customer service and support?

Currently, as our operation is based in Melbourne we do offer customers the option of meeting face to face in this city only. As we expand our presence into other major cities of Australia, we will then be able to provide more personal client services. We also offer the capacity to have either chat or video sessions on SKYPE, to better gauge an understanding of individual website requirements and to further enhance our commitment. Businesses have always thrived on human interaction and there is room for this continue within the bounds of our Web Club business model.

If we have an older or outdated website and want to update to your platform, regardless of the previous software used, how easy is this to comply with Web Club packages?

Since the Web is approaching over twenty plus years of existence, it’s natural to assume many websites will now either be overwhelmed by either technological and or search engine updates. Our products are geared towards updating most older version websites however this is dependent on several aspects and conditions. This includes the software, capabilities, strategies and functionality of older websites and whether WordPress can conform to the same. This can be discussed once a request is submitted online and evaluated accordingly. It’s important to note that SEO can sometimes be affected when sites are updated to new platforms or designs and this needs to be a consideration, in determining whether a Web Club package is suitable.