Content management system (CMS)

The WordPress CMS is a world class open source solution with resources in abundance both online and via support through many forums. It’s simple use and browser friendly characteristics, provides the base to immediately excel online. We at Web Club only use this standard and also understand that it may not be comparable and in demand, for certain businesses and applications.

We will provide access to the WordPress CMS(Content Management System) which allows the ability for website administrators to maintain and update content and data, as required. If you are unable to manage this process we will assist with either training and or additional updates, outside of the packages that are offered. Our WordPress website design deals enables changes and edits however, as a website is customized entirely to your needs it’s virtually impossible to pre-empt and package, all individual customer’s needs.

If your website contains a large amount of content or other data, one of your priorities should be keeping track of that content as well as updating it often enough to keep both Google and the people visiting your site happy. We are proud to be able to provide you with access to the WordPress CMS, which allows complete control and the ability to to manage all content-related activities with ease.

If you should need any additional assistance, we offer additional and more detailed trainings so our clients can feel comfortable managing their own sites unaided and always in current standards.