Emails Accounts up to 10

There is a certain air of professionalism that comes to a company that has its own branded email, having your company’s name on every communication gives you solid credibility you just can’t get with a free mail account. In a global marketplace where it’s hard to determine the legitimacy and authenticity of a business, your branded email will help fill the customer with confidence that they’re dealing with a solid, professional company.

Your complete Web Club cheap wordpress web designs package will come with a set of 10 emails at no additional charge, lending your business communications the mark of authority that only comes with your own brand. Our email services can be retrieved via a Web Mail log in however it’s most convenient for you and your email preferences. Alternatively, you can either manage your preferences through your mobile or browser based interface, or download onto your favourite desktop application.

Finally, we also understand the need for certain individuals and businesses to have access to specialized and dedicated email services. Via our partner network we can offer a range tools that can enhance and provide flexibility to any aspect of email. This may range from dedicated email exchange to secure porting of data via an alternate hosting package. This can be discussed further on application and forms part of this cheap websites package, in terms of consultation and collaboration.