No lock in Contracts

Like our services, our contracts are flexible. The website files that are developed and uploaded will be both owned and managed by Web Club for a period of 2 years. After that, it is your choice if you would like to continue to use our services–there is no obligation to continue, and you can simply resign if you decide you don’t need a website, after all. If on the other hand you decide to continue using our services, you will receive full ownership of your website files, and there will be no lock in contracts. The website files developed and loaded will be owned and managed by the Web Club for a period of 2 years.

You are not obligated to continue and must give one month notice of service termination, should you decide this service is not for you. After a 2 year period you are then able to take full ownership of your website files. Access to each server and website files will be provided as part of the web pack sign off process. This will conclusively allow complete ownership of your website files and database and free to pursue all avenues required, after this prescribed period has elapsed.

Web Club is here to get you set up and ready to go, taking the best advantage of our team of experts. What we’re not here for is to tie you into a contract that lasts forever, and keeps you paying long past your need for the services we offer. With our no-contract policy, you can use us as long as you need us, and even pick us up again if there are changes or services you need performed to keep your website abreast of the most recent changes in SEO and website technologies.

Don’t let yourself be drawn in by companies that just want to keep you on the hook as long as possible, Web Club wants to get you up and successful in short order, and then be there when you need them in the future. No need to continue to pay costly monthly subscription fees or be bound in for months or years at a time. Call us when you need us, and enjoy your success when the job is done. We’re here to keep your website fine-tuned and ready to serve your customers with a sleek, responsive interface that provides the best experience.