Plugins Added

WordPress plugins form an integral part of this framework by providing additional functionality and features, whilst limiting development and website performance. There exists 1000’s of viable plugins supported by a thriving marketplace with an extensive range of supporting tools. As mentioned on all our website literature, WordPress is the choice of platforms for our website maintenance solution and service. As part of this strategy we will endeavour to expose our members to 1000’s of plugins that allow for further mobility and functionality, without incurring downtime, cost or compromising on website quality.

As part of our packages we will provide a range of 5 complimentary plugins that are essential in overall performance and security of your website covering, SEO, Social, Back Ups, Protection and supervision. Additionally, as part of your chosen package you will also be avail to another 5 plugins of your choice, deemed necessary in you website strategy. Plugins have proven to be very effective and whilst we will add a portion as part of our internal productivity, we will expose your website to many more for further investigation. We will first determine the need and functionality of choice prior to application.

If you prefer to research and to do your own extensive analysis, please visit .