Selection of WordPress Website design

The first crucial decision once you decide on on of our wordpress design packages, you are initially required  to select a WordPress theme from the numerous template designs, listed on our site .
The selection of the pre-designed website template is included within our cheap wordpress web design packages, so please select the theme that may be applicable to your concept or project.
Once this process is complete we will verify the selection by email to which you will then be required to confirm the selection and activate the project, via our web pack platform.

As a critical starting point we will either seek a domain name from you to upload the template design or alternatively use one of our test domains, available.
Once the website template is uploaded we will then begin with the process of distinguishing all the required elements and applicable features.
The process now begins and we assure you of our dedication and commitment in making the complicated process, seamless.


WordPress is an exciting and powerful platform powering some of the most prestigious sites on the internet today. Join the ranks of many companies globally that own and manage a WordPress site customized with any one of 1000’s of themes and plug-ins.

WordPress has become one of the most versatile tools available to businesses, capable of serving as both the face of your business, your storefront, and providing on going contact with your customers through blogging. With WordPress having developed from its roots as a simple blogging platform, it has now become the basis for nearly 23% of the content on the internet today.

Why Do We Use WordPress?

  • Versatile Information Platform
  • 1000’s of Customizable Themes
  • Limitless Functionality Through Plug-Ins
  • Easy Media Integration
  • Manageable and Intuitive

Versatile Information Platform
WordPress has seen use as everything from an Arcade for free online game sites to Membership Sites, leaving the doorway wide open to create the site that’s perfect for your business and its customers. With guidance from our team of experts, we’ll put together the perfect site for you, and give you the keys to keep it fresh and updated.   With a powerful WordPress site set up for you, the possibilities are endless.

1000’s of Customizable Themes

Your website should reflect you, WordPress has 1000’s of possible themes available covering every conceivable style of layout, color scheme, and application. We’ll work with you to create a website that matches your vision, giving your business the professional look it needs to inspire confidence in your customers.

Limitless Functionality through Plug-Ins

Extending the possibilities even further, there are thousands of plug-ins available covering every conceivable application. From building a community Forum, a social network for your company, or any of a million other possibilities, WordPress plugins will give you powerful options for delivering an unmatched experience to your customers.

Easy Media Integration

One of the most popular forms of transmitting information to your customers today is through video and pictures. WordPress makes it easy to get your media set up in galleries, integrated videos, and audio files ready to deliver your message to your site visitors.

Manageable and Intuitive

WordPress is designed with an intuitive Content Management System (CMS) to make managing your website a breeze. We can provide onsite training to get you familiar with the system, and then give you the reins. Or you can have us manage your content for you with an ongoing contract, we’re ready to serve you today!