Website Back Ups

We will install an effective wordpress plug in that provides regular and automated monthly backups for all your current website files to either your cloud provider or a Web Club database storage. This service is in tandem to our security strategy whilst ensuring updates and content refreshes are always saved and archived. This protects your site files against cyber attacks and allows our team to re-install your files, should any security flaw effect.

Freak accidents do occasionally happen, so we will always make sure your data is safe. One of the plugins we install performs regular monthly backups of all of the files on your website in a given month. You can choose to save these files to your own cloud provider or simply a Web Club database storage. Preventing you from losing your data is not the only reason you need regular backups—they are also a security strategy of sorts that protects your website from cyber-attacks.

This is another added benefit and service that we offer to ensure we maintain a quality service.