Website Development Tasks

We have many different inexpensive website packages for our clients to choose from, and each of them takes a different amount of time to develop and implement. You should know that it typically takes our team about 4 weeks to have a Standard Package website ready to launch, but depending on an individual client’s needs and expectations, this may take longer. Our in-house process helps us keep track of all of our client’s requests and comments in real time so we can give you exactly what you need.

Each of the cheap websites packages have a different scale and development period. The Standard package will take about up to 4 weeks to develop and launch however, this strict process has many variables, which can and will affect timings. By using our in house web pack we will monitor all updates by clients in real time and creating a tracking process to ensure we adhere to all requests. The main basis and tasks for development are as follows.

  • Domain name allocation
  • WordPress template selection
  • Page identification  and allocation
  • Design updates and preferences
  • Logo application
  • Website content
  • Keyword preferences
  • Plugins
  • Stock images(If Applicable)
  • Emails
  • Security applications