Website Updates

Website updates based on our cheap wordpress web design package requires enforced collaboration and understanding, of the required changes. Whilst we are flexible with the type of changes necessary to conform to your needs, wordpress does have some structural and technical limitations being a fixed open source design so care, consideration and a common understand, is imperative. Strict conditions will apply as to protect the integrity of this website package, as changes can become an endless maze of time and costs. We will be open in this offering but also have first right of refusal, should any request be unmanageable.

Some of the changes that fall in line with this proposal are as follows.

  • Minor and mandatory design changes with form updates.
  • Editing and updating new content.
  • Inclusion of banners and images.
  • Adding additional submission forms and data updates.
  • Subscribing to new databases and information portals.
  • New website content pages above the subscriptions requirement.
  • New website plug ins above the subscription requirement.

Few things are more important to both your clients and Google than consistently updating your website. Website maintenance and updates have never been easier or more flexible than they are with us. Of course, WordPress does have some structural limitations, but we firmly believe that communication is the key to solving almost any problem, meaning that a thorough discussion about what you want and need will almost always be sufficient for us to meet your expectations.