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The Best WordPress Web Designs Sydney

The Best WordPress Web Designs Sydney

Are you looking for WordPress web designs Sydney to inspire you? Then, you have come to the right place for Web Club Australia. The best way to have an idea about how your website should look is by considering some excellent WordPress website examples. The designs from Web Club Australia will help you determine the type of look and feel you want to achieve. Let’s take a close look at the best design options.

  1. Non – Profit

There are many options for a non-profit organization that’s has a modern, unique design. It has been perfectly crafted to compliment the mission and vision of the foundation. It uses Gotham SSM for the headings and large fonts to ensure that visitors instantly get an idea about what it is all about. Offering a collapsed navigation menu to its left, users have no trouble navigating the site. It boasts a clean, simple design and utilizes page templates, social sharing, and multimedia for ensuring a polished user experience for everyone.

  1. Angry Birds

Another great website that you can find inspiration from is Angry Birds. If you are someone who prefers a more vibrant website, it is the perfect website for you. As you might already know, Angry Birds is one of the most popular games in the world. The official website features a simple design and utilizes fun visual graphics to bring each page to life. It helps ensure consistency and keeps things interesting for users.

  1. Creative Ad Awards

The next website that we just had to include in our post is Creative Ad Awards. It is a website that is dedicated towards the best ads. It celebrates ads from across the globe. Featuring a large full-screen background image on its homepage, you cannot miss it. Its filterable categories make it fun to navigate. There is a lot that the website has to offer.

  1. The Next Web

The Next Web is a website that you can learn a lot from in terms of web designs Sydney. It caters to topics relating to science, internet, technology, and more. The homepage features a magazine layout that has featured stories, latest articles, recent posts, and custom sections. Some of the technologies the website uses to improve website speed and performance include aggressive caching, CDN, and lazy loading.

  1. Animal Logic

Animal Logic is a leading creative digital studio. It features a stunning video slider on its homepage which does an incredible job at featuring its work in top Hollywood movies. Each slider makes use of beautiful CSS animations.

  1. Gretta

Gretta is a law firm based in Norway that has one of the best minimalist designs out there. It has expertise pages, staff profiles, and a collapsed navigation menu. The website makes sure that only the most important things are included.

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