Project scope & timeline – 25 Development hours

As part of this package and all the specifications and elements described within, we will also apply a project timeline which involves total hours allocated.

This is included as a default requirement to all the Web Club Package elements and will come into effect as the working agreement for any project.

As work experience and history has shown our business, many elements and requests can affect the overall project timeline and or pricing.

Whilst we will deliver on the requirements of each package in terms of structure, size, capacity and functionality we will also compare hours applied.

So in essence if we spend more time on areas of consultation, design, development or support, certain features and elements of this package may not be applicable.

Alternatively, we may apply an additional hourly rate if we determine costs and time are being exceeded and thus comprises the package components.

Any variations in cost or time allocation will be translated correctly to the client and every effort will be made to create an amicable agreement

If you require more services added to your Web Club Package, then additional charges will be applied as per individual requests.

  • Additional design and template
  • Additional images and re-sizing
  • Additional video content
  • Additional website pages
  • Additional website updates
  • Additional website content
  • Additional website plugins/widgets
  • Additional website back ups
  • Additional website hosting capacity
  • Additional security requirements including SSL
  • Additional website emails
  • Additional SEO keyword research
  • Additional onsite SEO keyword application and analysis
  • Additional social media applications
  • Additional custom website development
  • Additional digital consultancy and web strategies
  • Additional services on request