We decided to update our previous site due to restrictions and an inability to make changes on the fly. We come to know the Web Club via a business connection and found them to be professional from the beginning and in line with our expectations.

Furthermore, the site has never had any issues and we expect to update to a new version very soon.

Mario Darmanin, Owner

We were never online until we approached the Web Club to provide us with a website. The service was very good and considering the price we were amazed at what was involved to get our online strategy in place. We highly recommend this product to any budget conscious business that is looking for bang for their buck.

George Soldatos, Bennett Filters

Our businesses never had any web presence nor did we have any idea on how to approach this online process. We run several successful businesses and wanted to create professional looking websites. We contacted Thomas for Web Club and immediately managed the process by buying top domain names and then creating first class logos. Then the design phase was to create an impression to which we were very impressed with.. We then launched 3 websites for basically the quotes we got for a single site and the support provided has been enormous. Our experience has been excellent one we can surely recommend this website service to anyone.

John Haitidis, CEO