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Global Digitalization Movement

As a digital and online world we have witnessed in particular the last 15 years, a massive shift in the way we manage and facilitate our lives.

The early years of the web was met with scepticism and non-conformity as the initial evolution was deemed a passing phase.

Fast track to 2022 and not only are we now entrenched in everything online, but try living an entire day without any internet access. Good luck!

We as a population have been completely consumed by the web and all it’s trappings however, the next frontier will be even more daring.

With the massive wealth and presence that tech companies like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and more have acquired, their direction will now dictate the next chapter.

What does that include? A digital world created in a realm that can only be visited through VR and you presence will be necessitated, by it’s power.

This is the metaverse a landscape that will mimic the real world but in essence will be just a place to further engage with digital applications.

Includes will be AR, VR, and XR visualizations and a digital commerce platform, that will drive shopping experiences never seen before.

Imagine put a headset on or using smart glasses to test drive a vehicle, without the need to move form you lounge at home.

Consider walking on a beach represented by an Avatar in the South of Greece, whilst feeling the entire experience as if you were really there. This in essence is the basis of this VR experience whilst creating a reality that required more absorption by humanity, as it would create a new world of unknowns as well.

This entire metaverse paradigm is here and with the funding and backing, to create a range of futuristic global patterns, processes and behaviours.

Another consideration is property. This has always been the go to asset in the real world to which the same will be relevant in the metaverse.

Already we are seeing massive investments in marque virtual land based on asset appreciation and opportunity and as such, the trend will begin to unfold further.

Notably, investors are seeking virtual property next to celebrities to capitalise on the low demand and look for potential quick profits, as the metaverse becomes more popular.

In summary, the term buyer beware will be far more prevalent in years to come as we see this digital evolution of crypto, NFT’s , blockchain and the metaverse take a more shape.

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