Our Approach is Simple and Effective

Once you are approved as a member of Web Club you will have access to our members area whereby you can add information, update your data, track order and the progress of your project and more. This information is confirmed to you by email when you sign up with Web Club. Please view below the process requirements, in order for us to successfully complete, your Web Club Package.

Please note that this process is in place to provide an immediate and accurate website and any delays in communication and or distortion in information, can create delays and technical issues. Please read our Terms & Conditions carefully prior to proceeding with our services.

Web Design Process

  • Select a WordPress Template from our library.
  • Select domain name (If Applicable)
  • Nominate a particular style and or colours.
  • Specify a references like websites or files providing exact guidance on design and layout.
  • Apply corporate or selected logo (If Applicable).
  • Specify number of content pages and layout including footer design and requirements.
  • Are you selling or listing products and if so please specify number and categories.
  • Request specific design changes and direct instructions.
  • Allow for additional changes at a later date prior to deployment.
  • Sign off on initial design and layout specifications.

Web Development Process

  • Our team will activate a unique order number and emailed to you for tracking purposes
  • Project objectives in detail so we understand the line of thinking.
  • We will create a unique URL to support you project and manage updates, as follows
  • www.newproject.webclub.com.au – Your project name or title will be the basis of this URL
  • Functionality requirements and purpose for any applicable logic.
  • Create a content plan and application onto website pages and layouts.
  • Add complimentary plugins and additional plugins as requested.
  • Allocate website images and ensure licensing is in place.
  • Allocate website audio or video files, taking into account file size limits.
  • Allocate any widgets for news feeds or social media exposure.
  • Create contact pages and contact points.
  • Any specific website features, will need to be examined and assessed prior to application.
  • Allocate email accounts including usernames and passwords, as per package limits.
  • Privacy Policy and Terms pages are critical to any online platform, please review.
  • We can link your Social network accounts to icons provided on the website.
  • User roles and do you require multiple users to manage the website?
  • Please note our timeframe is between 2-8 weeks, depending on your Web Club Package.

Web Deployment Process

  • Once all design, data and details are intact we await your final approval
  • Adjustments and last minute updates are available as per your Web Club Package
  • Access to your domain name and registrar settings. (If Applicable)
  • Final Web Club developer audit check and control
  • Security settings and checks are performed and WP-ADMIN access allocated.
  • Launching and live website deployment, in progress
  • Please note following deployment, technical support is still available.
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