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Remote Work Practices

Are you working from home these days of complete lockdown? Do you want to ensure that you meet all your deadlines and work commitments are completely met? The novel coronavirus has caused many countries across the world to go under lockdown and created a new realm of functioning and indeed communicating. This has resulted in the highest number of remote working situations than ever before and thus created new business rules.. Remote work is different from working in an office where you get dressed to go to work every day, commute to work, join company meetings, take lunch break, and indulge in conversations with coworkers, besides getting your work done. When it comes to remote work, there is no one-size-fits-all formula. However, the following best remote work practices will come in handy.

  1. Find Out What Makes You Most Productive
    The first thing that you need to do when working remotely is to find out what makes you most productive. Is it some part of the space that makes you more productive, a certain time of the day, or a cup of coffee? The faster you find out what works for you, the faster you will be able to get things done. Remember, what works for others might not work for you. Hence, you should experiment with different ideas.
  2. Follow Good Meeting Etiquette
    If you have meetings from time to time, it is vital that you follow good meeting etiquette. This means that you should be professionally dressed and on time. Make sure to listen to what everyone in the meeting has to say before interrupting and follow the flow of the meeting. Do not let your spouse or child disturb you during the meeting as your employer might take it for being unprofessional.
  3. Clear Communication Is Key
    The secret to efficient remote work is communication. It is important that you clearly understand what others have to say and what you have to say to them. Practice clear communication and let others know whether you understand what is required of you or not. It will help ensure that there is no miscommunication.
  4. Create Boundaries between Your Life and Work
    Remember, both work and life do not go together. Hence, you should avoid mixing the two. Set aside a certain time for work and some fun. It is important that you create boundaries between your life and work to avoid feeling your home is an office. Turn a specific room into an office for certain times of the day and do not go to that room unless it is strictly related to work. It will allow you to stay relaxed.
  5. Connect With Teammates
    Working remotely does not mean that you should not connect with work mates. Instead, you should chat with them from time to time. It will help boost teamwork and cohesion. Working remotely does not have to different from working at an office where you spoke with your colleagues during lunch break or if something came up.

From finding out what makes you most productive to connecting remotely with work colleagues, the best remote work practices mentioned in this article will ensure a smooth transition.

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